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Primary Care Physicians have one of the most integral functions in health care.

Back to our roots...

20-30 years ago patients had a home town physician that typically lived in the community that they served. Health Systems and the Insurance industry changed all that. Direct Primary Care (DPC) takes us back to a time when relationships mattered.

Value of DPC:
• One on one patient care (no middlemen)
• Services at fair and disclosed prices
• Transparency Tools for suggestions to Specialty Care
• Health Plans that work well with the DPC practice

Perfect-Match Health Insurance Coverage
Transition Health Benefits
17040 W. Greenfield Ave #1
Brookfield, WI 53005
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Our focus is on"transitions"- serving individuals, families and small businesses looking for answers, looking for coverage and looking for an advocate. Transition Health Benefits has over 25 years of experience working with individual, Medicare, and small group health and dental insurance. We are extremely knowledgeable in these areas and offer the broadest range of company and plan choices possible.

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Think of Vitafy as the Google search for healthy living.
Vitafy LLC
615 S. College St
Suite #9-142
Charlotte, NC 28202
(414) 534-2860
Vitafy is based on the Latin word “Vita” which means life. So, when a consumer needs a new primary care doctor or another medical professional, they want to improve their life or someone they love.

Think of Vitafy as the Google search for healthy living.

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Creating Workplaces Unburdened by Injury, Illness and Stress
Insurance Program Managers Group
225 Smith Road St.
Charles, IL 60174
Phone: 888.377.5845
We believe that companies thrive when they have healthy and engaged employees in and outside work. That’s why our mission is to create workplaces unburdened by injury, illness and stress. We’ve been committed for over 20 years to meet the needs of our client, protect their bottom line, and ensure the best possible outcome for our partners.

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National General Accident & Health Level Funded
National General Accident & Health

National General Holdings Corp. (NGHC) is a publicly traded company with approximately $2.5 billion in annual revenue. The companies held by NGHC provide personal and commercial automobile insurance, recreational vehicle and motorcycle insurance, homeowner and flood insurance, self-funded business products, life, supplemental health insurance products, Short Term Medical, and other niche insurance products.

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Humana Level Funded
Health is at the core of everything we do. We are proud to lead healthcare innovations and community wellness.

Humana, we work to improve healthcare and make it more accessible. We have high expectations for ourselves and our suppliers in order to deliver our best to the communities we serve.

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