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Primary Care Physicians have one of the most integral functions in health care.

Back to our roots...

20-30 years ago patients had a home town physician that typically lived in the community that they served. Health Systems and the Insurance industry changed all that. Direct Primary Care (DPC) takes us back to a time when relationships mattered.

Value of DPC:
• One on one patient care
• Services at fair and disclosed prices
• Transparency Tools for suggestions to Specialty Care
• Health Plans that work well with the DPC practice



$7.77/month per member for advocacy services

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Smart Agents
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$49/month per zipcode with rights to that specific code.

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Primary Care

$197/month per group which includes on-site promotion

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Healthcare Advocate Course

Course Overview

This Healthcare Advocate Preparatory Course is available to anyone wishing to act as a patient advocate.

  • Patients, individuals, and employers from several healthcare-related backgrounds benefit from the knowledge and information presented in this course.

  • Patients and patient advocates can gain skills including how to obtain affordable access to care, Patients and patient advocates can better understand the price charged for care and how to successfully negotiate medical bills for you, your family and those you serve.

  • Healthcare professionals pursuing board certification, should be prepared to sit for the examination necessary to become a Board Certified Patient Advocate.

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A limited number of reimbursement scholarships are available.
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