Your Premier Direct Primary Care Network

We are making the healthcare industry more affordable and accessible.

Insurance companies and healthcare professionals usually don’t communicate with each other. This often leads to confusion for the patient. The current system is the opposite of user-friendly. Tackling all of the information can be a daunting task. Our goal at ahcdpc is to bring us all together. A network of specialists which include medical professionals, DPC providers, Smart Agents/Advisors & Advocacy advisors, at your fingertips, ready to help you navigate through the complexities of health care.

At ahcdpc, we are making the healthcare industry more affordable and accessible. We offer transparency and the opportunity for members to truly understand what they are getting out of their healthcare plan


An important aspect of the membership is the advocacy service. This service gives our members someone on their side that speaks the language. The advocacy advisor is fluent in the language of health care

Smart Agents
& Advisors

We create new plans surrounding Direct Primary Care in your state. You will be the first to know and be able to market those plans to your client as well as help guide Advocacy Service members.

Direct Primary

The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is a practice and payment model where patients pay their physician or practice directly for a defined set of primary care services. Become part of our network.

Advocate Course

Patients and patient advocates can better understand the price charged for care and how to successfully negotiate medical bills for your family and those you serve. Become an Advocate to learn how.

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