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Our goal at ahcdpc is to bring us all together. We are ready to help you navigate through the complexities of health care.

Obtain Affordable Care

Insurance companies and healthcare professionals usually don’t communicate with each other. This often leads to confusion for the patient. The current system is the opposite of user-friendly. Tackling all of the information can be a daunting task. Our goal at ahcdpc is to bring us all together. A network of specialists which include medical professionals, DPC providers, Smart Agents/Advisors & Advocacy advisors, at your fingertips, ready to help you navigate through the complexities of health care.¬†At ahcdpc, we are making the healthcare industry more affordable and accessible. We offer transparency and the opportunity for members to truly understand what they are getting out of their healthcare plan.

You Will Receive the Following Features and Benefits

Access to an Independent Advocate

An important aspect of the membership is the advocacy service. This service gives our members someone on their side that speaks the language. The independent advocate is fluent in the language of health care. They understand the insurance side of things and they have relationships within this network. The independent advocate will help you communicate in order to determine copays. The independent advocate will help find the best prices and choices for service, while making sure that the patient is getting the best quality care.

We Match you with a Smart Agent/Advisor

Smart agents/advisors serve individuals and companies. They build a plan that has the right amount of coverage for everyone. As the connection between patients and providers, these smart agents/advisors create health plans surrounding DPC (Direct Primary Care) clinics. We will match you with a smart agent/advisor that can give you choices of plans that will provide the most value to you.

Offering Informed Choices of Medical Professionals and DPC Providers

DPC (Direct Primary Care) is an alternative way to pay direct for health care. These providers focus on telling patients upfront what the cost of all services will be. They also provide additional quality time and a better experience with patients. Smart agents/advisors will help you work with DPC providers and make an informed choice on the health care professionals you choose to see.

Pricing Transparency

We believe all pricing should be upfront. Health care is the only industry where there is no price tag on the product. After receiving care some of us get surprise bills, asking for even more. We work in the world of cost transparency. Transparency in pricing allows you to know before you get care what it will cost.

Claims Review

What happens if you already have surprise bills, or you know your sisters knee MRI cost less than yours. We have the knowledge and the tools to fight back. Included in your membership is a 1/2 hour review of medical bills. We have our network of smart agents/advisors that reduce and sometimes erase bills all together.


Join today to receive the benefits that personal advocacy brings for only $7.77 per month. We will contact you directly with your membership packet.


A professional that contracts directly with a patient/client to represent them before, during or after medical care.
We will connect you with a smart agent or advisor for a complimentary review of your insurance plan and connect you with Direct Pay Medical profesionals.
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